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Dear Colleagues

Welcome to our August report.  2015 has flown by with only 3 months remaining.  We are finally pleased to report that after months of lobbying, consultation and meetings, we have made some progress with regards the issues and concerns you all have around CPD.

As the Swahili proverb goes – “Unity is strength, division is weakness”, so again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your membership.  As I have reiterated in the past, it is only in having a united front and standing together as an industry that we are able to make a meaningful difference.  REBOSA now represents way more than a third of the total industry and it is through this active and diverse representation that we have been able to make these inroads.  So again, thank you for your commitment, not only to us, but to the industry as a whole.

Please keep the communication flowing.

Kind regards Jan

Continuing Professional Development

On 12 August 2015, a follow up meeting was convened with the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements, The Chairperson of the EAAB, CEO of the EAAB and REBOSA’s Directors and CEO.

The meeting provided REBOSA with a further opportunity to present the critical CPD issues.

The CEO of the EAAB confirmed that they are in the process of implementing additional capacity to manage communications, isolate bad areas and implement quick turn-around times.

We argued that the CPD programme is in a crisis that has put the EAAB in a very negative light.

REBOSA proposed the formation of a Multi-Stakeholder forum that will meet monthly to tackle all issues.

The following agreement was reached:-

• Monthly meetings between REBOSA Chairman and EAAB Board chairman
• Monthly meetings of REBOSA and other stakeholders, ie National Property Forum, IEASA and others to discuss every aspect of CPD with the Education Steering Committee and members of the Board
• This multi-stakeholder standing committee will meet with EAAB Board members to raise any and all issues of a multi-varied nature

On 17 August the EAAB agreed to a first joint meeting with representative bodies in the industry to discuss ways and means to improve on the current CPD programme.

The meeting was attended by:

Professor Kwandiwe Kondlo – Chairman, EAAB board

Mrs Maletsatsi Wotini – Deputy Chairperson, EAAB Board and member of the Educational Committee
Mr Bryan Chaplog – CEO of the EAAB
Mr Silence Mmotong – Chief Financial Officer, EAAB
Mr Nkukuleko Ndebele – Company Secretary
Mr Leon Maart – National Property Forum Gauta Magomane – National Property Forum
Ms Lanice Steward – IEASA
Mr Edgar Blomeyer – IEASA
Dr Andrew Golding – REBOSA
Mr Jan le Roux – REBOSA

The meeting was chaired by Professor Kondlo who made it clear in his welcome that CPD is a worthwhile endeavour and is here to stay; but that there is an acknowledgement of the EAAB’s short-comings in the implementation and roll-out of the programme and that there is willingness from the EAAB to address same.

Various points were discussed and will be investigated/considered by the EAAB to see where consensus and modification can be reached.
The following issues were raised:
• An extension of the deadline so as to allow more estate agents to register and have more time to comply
• An extension/revision of the current panel of presenters
• Availability/suitability of training venues
• Input from the industry as far as content is concerned
• Registration procedures, swipe cards etc.
• Costs as well as cost differentiation between Principals and Agents
• Communication to stakeholders in respect of all of the above

It was agreed that a feedback/follow-up meeting will be held on 18 September 2015 and representatives from other industry bodies will be invited to this meeting.

It was noted that due to time constraints not all issues could be raised and representatives from the industry were invited to submit further proposals in writing and/ or address at the following meeting. Most importantly, regular meetings with representative bodies will be arranged in future.

The meeting was held in a spirit of co-operation and provides hope that many facets of the programme will be amended and announced in the process.

Please keep us up to date with your experience of CPD.
We will keep you informed as we progress.

Rebosa meeting with Mrs Mafu: Chairperson: Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements – 12 August 2015
B Everitt & Mrs Mafu  J Le Roux & Mrs Mafu  Phumzile & Mrs Mafu

Mr Berry Everitt and Mrs Mafu    Mr Jan le Roux and Mrs Mafu    Mr Phumzile Makhosana and Mrs Mafu


Overview: Property Valuation Act, 17 of 2014

The Act commenced on 1 August 2015.

Click here Property Valuation Act Overview for an overview of the act which you may wish to also consider.

Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill

See below for a copy of the Bill as introduced in the National Assembly (proposed section 75).  An explanatory summary of the Bill is published in Government Gazette No. 39009 of 22 July 2015. We have also included an article on the Bill by Mr Dave Steward, the Executive Director of the FW de Klerk Foundation.



Recovery of Costs by EAAB in terms of Routine Inspections

Further to a query from one of our members and our subsequent investigation thereof, we would like to bring to your attention that provision is made in the Act, for the EAAB to reserve the right to recover costs of inspection in instances of significant non-compliance by estate agencies.

Kindly refer to Section 9(2)(b) of the Act:- 9.2.

The board shall utilise its funds to defray the expenses incurred by the board in the performance of its functions and the exercise of its powers under this Chapter:

Provided that:-

b) if the board:-

i) after an investigation has found that an estate agent failed to comply with any duty imposed upon him in terms of this Act;

ii) has incurred any liability to pay attorney and client costs in respect of any proceedings instituted by it in terms of this Act for the recovery from an estate agent of any amount which is payable by him to the board or the fund; or

iii) has incurred any liability to pay audit fees in respect of an audit done on the instructions of the board in a case where an audit contemplated in sections 29 and 32(4) has not been done,

the board may recover the costs of such investigation in so far as it relates to such duty, or the taxed amount of such attorney and client costs or the amount  of such audit fees, as the case may be, from the estate agent concerned.

The EAAB have confirmed that they have enforced this in the past, based on the level of non-compliance that was found.

Click here Inspections and Investigations Policy to find the Inspections and Investigations Policy for your perusal.

SSETA – NQF 4 and NQF 5 Certification Backlog

After a meeting between Jan le Roux and SSETA recently we are pleased to announce that we are finally making progress in arranging for our members to get their certificates.

Many of you will already have received notification from Nolubabalo Nginase – QMD – QALA Department, that your certificates are ready for collection.

To our members who have not yet sent us their letters of competency from the respective training providers, we urge you to do so as this seems to be helping speed up the process.

In mid October, Jan has secured a further meeting with SSETA to discuss various issues that impact the industry.

Re- Registration of Services SETA Qualifications and Unit Standards

This serves to inform Services SETA skills development providers that registered qualifications and unit standards which fall within the scope of Services SETA have been re- registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Qualifications and unit standards which expired on 30 June 2015 have been re -registered for a further three (3) years. This means that qualifications and unit standards which expired on 30 June 2015 will be re-registered with a new expiry date of 30 June 2018.

The last date of enrolment for these qualifications and unit standards is 2019-06-30 and the last date of achievement has been changed to 2022-06-30.

This re-registration period allows for the development of new occupational qualifications which will replace currently registered qualifications.

Currently registered qualifications will gradually be phased out once new occupational qualifications are developed and registered by SAQA.

Please note that where qualifications have not received a new registration end date and the qualification has been reviewed and changed, skills development providers are required to re-apply for accreditation of their learning programmes aligned to the new qualification.


NB: Where providers are applying to offer skills programmes or single unit standard, please ensure that those unit standards have not expired. For more information please do not hesitate to Contact Service Seta Registrations Dept.on Tel: 011 276 9600.

Nozipho Zondo Manager: Qualification and Accreditation

PLEASE NOTE The paragraph on the RE-Registration of Services Seta Qualifications and Unit Standards is only applicable to Accredited Training Providers who offer the NQF 4 and 5 qualifications and DOES NOT apply to any Estate Agent or Principal.

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