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Continuing Professional Development “CPD”

We are still inundated with queries and complaints from our members regarding CPD.  These complaints range from not being able to register on the MyCPD portal as it is offline, to payments not being allocated to registrations, resulting in agents not being able to select venues or attend CPD events etc.

Many other questions have not been answered to anyone’s satisfaction yet.

We have addressed all these issues with the CEO of the EAAB on a regular basis and will continue doing so.

I personally attended the session on 13 May in Cape Town only to witness Ms Margie Campbell apologising profusely for all the inconvenience caused.  She was also brave enough to promise that the manually created list of attendees will be captured and that points will be accrued correctly to all.  This was a  promise which nobody can take seriously.

REBOSA had warned Mr Chaplog repeatedly over the past months that this would happen and we requested him to postpone the launch and test the systems first, to no avail.  To now put all the blame on the system as Ms Campbell did, does simply not wash.

We already secured two appointments to discuss same in detail with the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee of Human Settlements.   Unfortunately, due unforeseen circumstances, she had to cancel both meetings but has promised to make herself available in the very near future.  This is the person that the EAAB reports to.

Should this not deliver positive results soon (we have every reason to believe that it will), we still have the Minister of Human Settlements to appeal to and will do so if necessary.

One must not forget that CPD is an ongoing process and not a “once off” event.  The fact that we reluctantly advised our members to register and pay so as to comply with the letter of the law, does not mean that we have accepted the manner in which the programme has been launched and implemented.

At this stage however, it would be irresponsible to advocate boycotts or to institute very expensive legal action when there are better options available to us and which we can first pursue, with less risk and expense.

We are pursuing this route to not only address the CPD Programme but also to discuss service delivery from the EAAB in general.

As members, you are invited to forward us in the most succinct manner possible, any service delivery issues you may have experienced with the EAAB and to document and substantiate same with supporting documentation as best you can.  The same applies as far as writing of exams or any other matters are concerned.

We will keep you notified of our progress in this regard.  We appreciate and need your support to address all of the above.

You can email your complaints to

We are well aware of the petitions in respect of CPD doing the rounds. This natural response from the industry regarding these issues is to be welcomed.  The EAAB should be made very aware of the industry’s concerns by whatever means.

REBOSA is the most representative body in the industry and must act both accordingly and responsibly in the best interests of its members, hence the above mentioned approach.

Again, we appreciate your patience while we follow the correct course of action to deliver best results.


Ministry of Human Settlements Budget Vote – 7 May 2015

Attached for your perusal is the speech by LN Sisulu, Minister of Human Settlements on the occasion of the budget vote of the Ministry of Human Settlements for your perusal. Minister_Sisulu_Budget_Vote_Speech_7_May_15

Paragraph 8 of the speech refers to the real estate industry and reads as follows:

“We have initiated the ‘One Learner One Estate Agency’ Youth Brigade programme is designed to place interns with a registered Estate Agency for a period of 12 months to equip intern estate agents with the required property market experience while they obtain the necessary real estate qualification. The EAAB has so far received over 1450 pledges from registered Estate Agencies and more than 7500 CV’s of potential candidates. Out of the project, by the end of the financial year we will have 10 000 young people working and getting trained as estate agents.”

Reference in some documentation is made of 10,000 recruits over three years, sometimes over five years.  This is the first time it seems to have to been done in one year, so we believe there must be a miscommunication somewhere.

Irrespective, you are well advised to register for the 1 Learner -1 Agency Programme and participate as far as possible.

Funds are not flowing to facilitate the programme but recruiting black estate agents is obviously in your best interests.

Furthermore, on the 15th April, 2015 industry stakeholders were requested to attend a compulsory workshop to gain a more in-depth understanding of the Programme (EAAB Host Invite Letter).  Unfortunately the workshop was scheduled for 17 April.  With only two days’ notice given, understandably, many of us could not attend.

We have addressed the issue of the short notice given for important EAAB meetings and our subsequent non- attendance with Mr Chaplog; in order that we are not marginalised and therefore not in a position to provide our members with the feedback they deserve from such meetings.  He has acknowledged this and kindly responded to us.  See email below:-

Begin forwarded message:

From: Bryan Chaplog <>

Subject: RE: Urgent Notice; EAAB One Learner Programme Workshop

Date: 11 May 2015 at 15:09:03 SAST

Dear Jan

We are aware that many requirements was added to all involved due to the urgency regarding this matter.

All the dead-lines was fast-tracked in order to meet dead-lines that was brought forward and it affected all involved

We issued the notices as soon as we received notice of the changed due –dates

It was in no way a deliberate effort to provide short notice

The program is large and not all aspects is under EAAB direct control


Bryan Chaplog CA(SA)

Chief Executive Officer

Estate Agency Affairs Board

More information about the Programme can be found on the EAAB website and a brochure of the programme is also attached for your perusal.

Fidelity Fund Certificates 2016

As conveyed to you in a previous report, we urge you to begin the process of renewing your FFC’s for 2016 from now onwards.

Most applications are done in the last week of October and we know from past experience that neither the EAAB systems nor personnel, are able to cope with huge volumes of applications at once.

To avoid delays in obtaining your FFC for 2016 you are therefore advised to start the process now.

Education Qualification Exemption Deadline Extension

The EAAB have granted a further and final extension for affected estate agents to be certificated against the required real estate qualifications until 30 June 2015.

The notice is attached. Education Exemption Extension

 EAAB 2015 – 2016 Fee Structure

A schedule of the new fees is attached. EAAB SCHEDULE OF FEES 2015-16


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