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This morning, (27 May, 2014) The Property Sector Charter Council released the results of its latest study:

The Impact of the South African Property Sector on the National Economy.

This research continues from its 2012 report, which measured the size of the property market in South Africa at a massive R4,9 trillion. It was and remains the first study of its kind in the country.

The outcome and conclusion of the financial and economic revenue of SA property sector is estimated at R237.9 billion (GDP R191.4+ Taxes R46.5):

  • Non-residential is R106.2 Billion
  • GDP R80.9 + Taxes R25.3
  • Residential is R123.8 Billion
  • GDP R103.7 + Taxes R20.1
  • End of cycle is R7.9 Billion
  • GDP R6.8 + R1.1


If you would like anyone else to receive this information, send us their email address  to call the office  011 880 9918.


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