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This serves to communicate to all PPRA stakeholders that the PDE scheduled for 20 June 2023 is now open for enrolment/registration strictly via the Portal. All prospective Exam candidates and those who have officially requested postponement may start enrolling and paying for the exam without any further delay to avoid late registration. All those who failed to request for postponement will not be allowed to register for the exam unless they request the postponement officially prior to enrolling.

The closing date for exam registration is 13 June 2023 (for all registrations and payment), no late enrolments/registrations and payments will be entertained. No “outside-of-the system/portal enrolments/registrations/arrangements” will be recorded or entertained. The exam will be venue based in the following venues – candidates must choose and record for themselves the preferred venue on the portal when they complete the portal enrolment/registration.

Download the  attachment below to view  dates and venues:



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