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Participants who were required to have registered for the first three-year rolling CPD cycle

Estate agents who were issued with full status fidelity fund certificates by the EAAB for the period 2015 to 2017, inclusive, are advised that, to ensure CPD compliance, they should have accrued twenty CPD points, made up as to fifteen verifiable and five non-verifiable points, for each of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 calendar years, by no later than 31 December 2017.   

Participants who must still comply with CPD requirements for the first three-year rolling CPD cycle

In a concerted endeavour, however, to assist affected participants who have yet to complete their CPD requirements for the first three-year rolling CPD cycle, it was resolved by the Education and Training Committee of the EAAB that:

  • such participants be granted an extension until 31 January 2018 within which to do so without incurring any penalty;
  • participants who fail to comply with their CPD obligation by 31 January 2018 be permitted to do so by 31 March 2018 – but that:
  • an administrative penalty of R1 000 be imposed on participants who complete their CPD requirements after 31 January 2018 but before 28 February 2018; and
  • an additional penalty of R1 000 be imposed on participants who complete their CPD obligations after 28 February 2018 but before 31 March 2018;
  • participants who have not complied with their CPD requirements by 31 March 2018 be rendered disqualified as estate agents in terms of section 27(a)(vi) of the Estate Agency Affairs Act (“the Act”) and that any fidelity fund certificate issued to such persons by the EAAB be immediately rendered invalid in terms of section 16(4) of the Act; and
  • disqualified participants be required to make substantive application to the Board, pursuant to the requirements of section 27 of the Act, for the issue of a fidelity fund certificate provided that they are able to satisfy the Board, with due regard to all relevant considerations, that the issue of a fidelity fund certificate to the applicant will be in the interest of justice.

Using the “catch-up” e-learning programme to ensure CPD compliance

Affected CPD participants are urged to ensure that they regularise their CPD position as soon as possible, but in any event by no later than 31 March 2018, and after having made payment of the administrative penalty/ies where required, to avoid the dire consequences attaching to CPD non-compliance. Such participants should urgently make use of the CPD “catch-up” facility to obtain any outstanding verifiable CPD points for each of the CPD years in question.

Such persons must:

  • access the “MyCPD” portal on the EAAB website;
  • complete the Personal Development Plan (“PDP”) for 2015 and/or 2016 and/or 2017, as the case may be;
  • submit the PDP for the relevant year by pressing the “submit” button; and
  • make payment – R2 500 for principal estate agents and R2 000 for non-principal estate agents – for and in respect of each outstanding CPD year.

Once the correct payment for the year in question has been received and allocated by the EAAB, the participant will receive access to the CPD e-learning programme for that CPD year.

Participants must register for each outstanding CPD year in succession

Participants must complete the process for each calendar year in succession.


  • when the registration process has been completed and the required verifiable points for the 2015 year have been obtained and recorded through e-learning;
  • the participant now registers for the 2016 CPD year and, similarly, completes the process to obtain the required verifiable CPD points for 2016; and
  • only when the verifiable CPD points for 2016 have been obtained and recorded does the participant now register for the 2017 year and, again, complete the process to receive verifiable CPD points.


 Issued by:   The Education and Training Department

                        Estate Agency Affairs Board

Date:              22 December 2017


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