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We are in the process of streamlining the section 27 process for walk in agents as well as e-mail submissions via section An automated letter will be sent to all agents blocked by the system as per the attached sample. Please be aware of the process so that you can advise any agents who enquire.

Section 27 department has 2 permanent staff members, Thsepo and Raymond, and 5 temporary staff members assisting with the process. Of these, 3 administrators are stationed at the public booths to assist with a constant stream of walk in agents from receiption. We had some difficulties with access to all systems, which Tumo has been resolving for us. Thanks Tumo for all your help. We have 4 administrators dealing with section mails,  e-mails from other departments and call centre queries.  

Please note that we have already received in excess of 2000 emails via , excluding those sent by other departments and via other mail addresses. Call centre enquiries are continuous and usually duplications of applications already submitted by e-mail. Mails from other staff are also often duplications of s27 mails already submitted. This is the current workload, and audit have not even blocked yet for 2014.

It is impossible for administrators to deal with enquiries from all sides with any degree of efficiency, and accordingly, we have put the following processes in place

  1. Sello has loaded an automated response to all mails confirming:
  2. Receipt of the application
  3. Appplications will be dealt with in order of receipt and update will be sent within 7 days.
  4.  Agents are requested not to send duplicate mails or email other staff members.
  5.  Vunani will be receiving all section27 queries via the section 27 address and other staff members, and allocating among the 4 administrators to deal with the influx.
  6. Vunani will be fielding all call centre enquiries.
  7. I will deal with emergency issues and any complaint where you feel that  special attention is warranted. My extension is 2540.

CALL CENTRE: Thokosani, please could you request call center operatives to please screen callers who have submitted through, and only put through queries where the 7 day period has elapsed. These should be routed to Vonani ONLY at extension 2368. No one else will be available to assist with telephone queries.

E- MAILS FROM STAFF TO ASSIST WITH SECTION 27 APPLICATIONS: Please send such queries to Vonani only at unless it requires my attention, in which case please forward to me.

Please note that the administrators are still trying to iron out problems with 2014 FFCs not previously addressed, as well as deal with 1000s of new applications. They are doing so courteously, with training but little or no experience, and are under a great deal of pressure and discourtesy from agents. Please bear with us and encourage agents to exercise patience as we do not have the capacity to provide instant resolution. Staff need to take lunch breaks and we will replace them with another administrator wherever possible.

There will be times when all 3 of the administrators at reception are assisting a client and must go to Neo to load documents they are not able to on their system /come to me to unblock/ get assistance from someone for that particular agent. Please advise agents that they are busy attending to someone before them in the queue, and will assist them when they are done. There are no facilities for more administrators to be accommodated at reception, and no extra staff to man them, so we are assisting as fast as possible.

Many thanks for your support.

Debbie Vial (Adv)

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