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A few weeks ago, the EAAB issued a communique informing the estate agents that there were technical glitches in relation to access to the CPD portal.

The EAAB would like to inform estate agents that the system glitch has now been resolved. Thus, estate agents will now be able to access the portal and earn their CPD points.

Please note that the CPD e-Learning programme for 2020 is open for qualifying estate agents. Those estate agents who made payment for CPD fees in 2020, will have their accounts credited for 2021 thereby exempting them from 2021 CPD fees.

Regarding estate agents who paid for 2020 CPD and were incorrectly invoiced for 2021 CPD, the Finance Department has been able to reverse such invoices and will continue to do so should such matters arise.

The EAAB management sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused by the technical problem in its CPD system.


Education and Training Department

6 May 2021


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