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Dear PDE Candidate

This serves to confirm that results for the examination conducted on the 25 February 2021 are now available on the Cirrus System. To view results all examination candidates may now logon to the Cirrus System using the very same login Username and Password used when they accessed the system in February 2021 to undertake the examination.

Examination candidates are advised that the results are unfortunately not yet available for viewing on the MyEAAB portal however it is envisaged that these results will be available on the MyEAAB portal by the end of June 2021.

As per standard practice, this means that the automatic system-generated status changes for intern estate agents as a result of “Passed results” will only be effected and viewable on the portal upon the update of the results on MyEAAB portal then.

In addition, and as per standard process, those examination candidates whose results are unfavourable “Failed results” are advised to ensure that they log their written appeal against the results and attach proof of payment (fee schedule is available on the main EAAB website) and within 10 -14 days of the issue date of this message by logging the appeal on MyEAAB portal – On-Line Query Management System and noting the query number or emailing the appeal to

Checking the results on the Cirrus platform

  • Please logon using your previous credentials: Login name and password being your email address that you used during the exam in question and ID number.
  • Upon login in, you should successfully land on your Dashboard.
  • You should then see the following screen.

NB: Candidates who are unable to view their results or are still seeing “not disclosed”. Please email your full names, surname and ID number to

Issued by EAAB Education and Training department 

Issued: 20 May 2021


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