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The EAAB is embarking on Phase 2 of the programme to provide 1000 learners with learnerships.

The EAAB approached Rebosa for Pledges from our members to be host employers to mentor learners in the workplace.

Following a meeting between Rebosa, SSETA and EAAB in January, we have grave misgivings about the process being followed for phase 2.  We are all aware of the failure of phase 1 and we were hoping that the lesssons learnt would be addressed, so as to ensure the success of the new programme.

I attach for your perusal a letter from the CEO of EAAB and my response, which details Rebosa’s reservations.  I don’t believe Rebosa can with good conscience, encourage our members to participate unless our concerns are addressed.  I will appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have in this regard.

You are however, as always, more than welcome to support should you decide to do so, in which case you must please liaise with the EAAB directly.

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