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Dear Colleagues

We are living in uncertain times and as South Africa nears the peak in COVID-19 infections no one knows exactly how or when this pandemic will end or what it will mean for our future.

When faced with the unknown it forces one to think more critically about how to manage change, deal with adversity and prepare oneself for the unexpected.

Rebosa is currently at the coalface of all industry matters.  We are set to represent our members in every area of concern in 2020 including PoPI becoming operational and the expected finalisation of the Property Practitioners Act Regulations in the next few weeks which will change the way we operate in future.

I wish you well over the next weeks.

Stay safe
Kind regards

Rebosa Board Appointments

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Herschel Jawitz to Rebosa’s board.  Herschel is the CEO of Jawitz properties and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the board.  We believe Herschel will be a tremendous asset to Rebosa, especially during these challenging times and we wish him every success going forward.

On this note, we wish to thank our outgoing director Amanda Cuba for her valuable contribution and unwavering commitment.  Although Amanda leaves the board we look forward to her ongoing involvement in the organisation.

Richard Gray’s term as our Chairman comes to an end and we thank him for his leadership and the outstanding job he has done shaping Rebosa for the past three years.

While Richard remains on the board of directors, he hands the baton over to our newly elected Chairman, Tony Clarke.  Tony has our full support and under his stewardship we are certain Rebosa will reach new heights.

The Board reinforces its commitment to looking after members best interests, good governance and effective representation.  We are eager to work with our new Chairman and board in navigating Rebosa through the uncertain times that lie ahead of us.

FFC Renewal

The renewal for 2019 FFCs opened on 1 July 2020 via the MyEAAB agent portal on  Unfortunately the EAAB IT system is not functioning leaving agents unable to transact online.

We are waiting for a response from the EAAB as to how FFCs can be renewed and when the system will be operational again.

In the interim Fiona Chaitowitz is assisting members renew their FFCs manually.

We also remind members to urgently let us know if they are still outstanding 2019 FFCs so that we can try and assist.

The EAABs offices have been closed for a significant amount of time since the initial lockdown and we are relying on a handful of personnel who are working remotely.  Some also do not have access to the system so please bear with us if we do not get back to you timeously.  The most important issue is that you are recorded on our list for resolve.


The Minister announced that CPD fees will be waived in her budget speech of 22 July.  On 30 July the EAABs CEO Ms Mohlala announced that while CPD fees have been waived, there will be no refund for those who have already paid their CPD fees.  Instead their accounts will be credited for the next financial year and they will not be expected to pay again next year. We have of course raised questions regarding this.

Ms Mohlala also announced that the EAAB will soon be providing CPD on an electronic platform and the details will be communicated to the industry in due course.

Professional Designation Exam

An online PDE exam option is being explored.  To date no 2020 PDE exam dates have been announced by the EAAB.

REBOSA Membership Fees

As a result of sound financial planning, we are pleased to announce that for the 7th year running, Rebosa will not be increasing its membership fees.

We continue to manage the organisation with low operating costs so that funds can be allocated to our core mandate of protecting real estate business owners’ interests.

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