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Dear Colleagues

In this report, please take special note of the further extension granted to us for CPD registration.  Please register before the final deadline of 31 May 2016, if you have not done so already.

Wishing you a happy Freedom Day tomorrow.

Kind regards

Final Extension of Time to Register for CPD

Following our last Multi-Stakeholder Group Meeting on 5 April, we are extremely pleased to announce that the EAAB have granted us a further and FINAL extension to register for CPD in 2016 as well as, where relevant, to register for the “catch-up” 2015 CPD programme.

The extension is until 31 May 2016 where after, all registered practising estate agents are required to have enrolled for the CPD programme.  CPD is mandatory and we urge you to make good use of this extension if you have not already enrolled.

REBOSA have contested strongly to have this extension granted in order for you to have the opportunity to become compliant. We can say with authority that we believe that NO further extension will be granted.

Please complete your Personal Development Plan on your MyCPD portal, pay the prescribed amount (R2500 for Principals and R2000 for Agents) using only your EAAB 7 Digit number as the reference.

Failure to register and comply by 31 May 2016 could result in agents being disqualified at the end of the period.

Please read the full notice of extension.

CPD Further Extension

Should you experience any problems with registering for the CPD programme, please contact REBOSA for assistance on and we will alert the CPD Task Team. In such an instance please give us a short point by point summary of events.

REBOSA Equality Pledge

On the 28 January, 2016 we launched our Equality Pledge signifying our industry’s stance against discrimination in all its forms.

While signed pledges have been returned by many of you, and we thank those of you have taken the time to sign the pledge, we still have a way to go.

I would like to take this opportunity to specifically thank the Seeff group, who are leading the field by far with over 700 pledges already signed and returned to us.  They are aiming to reach 100% with every agent signing the pledge.  I include an advert they recently placed in the Seeff Property Pages, a Cape Town Lifestyle Magazine promoting the REBOSA Pledge and their group’s commitment to anti-discriminatory practices in the real estate industry.  They are to be lauded for their efforts and commitment.

Seeff Pledge Advert

I would also like to remind you that once we have received pledges from your full office compliment you will receive your A3 Certificate confirming your allegiance to the pledge. This can be displayed in your offices with good effect. For more information on this or to receive your certificate please contact

FFCs – Directors to Register as Principal Estate Agents

Following, please find the Government Gazette regulations published under the Estate Agency Affairs Act (“EAA Act”) in terms of Government Gazette Notice R31125 of 2008 (“2008 Regs”).

Government Gazette Notice 31125 of 4 June 2008

We raised the issue that directors of estate agencies have to be registered as “Principal Estate Agents” and requested our attorneys to provide clarification in the Estate Agency Affairs Act or regulations which defines Principal Estate Agent or deals with the distinction between Non-Principal Estate Agents as opposed to Principal Estate Agents and the fact that directors fall under the latter.
You will note that in terms of section 1 of the 2008 Regulations, a “Principal Estate Agent” is defined as “any person referred to in paragraph (a) or paragraph (c)(i) of the definition of ‘estate agent’ in section 1 of the Act”. Paragraph 1(c)(i) of the EAA Act refers to “any director of a company , or a member of a close corporation which is an estate agent as defined in paragraph (a)”.

This confirms our understanding that directors of estate agencies must be registered as “Principal Estate Agents”.

You will see that any reference to “Principal Estate Agent” as used in later regulations (such as the regulations regarding the issuing of Fidelity Fund and Registration Certificates issued under Government Gazette Notice 39743 of 26 February 2016) cross refers back to the definition of Principal Estate Agent as provided for in the 2008 Regulations.

Therefore, please note that all directors of companies and/or members of closed corporations must be issued with a FFC (principal) in order to comply with the Act and regulations.

Please remember that estate agencies not having complied with this clause are not entitled to remuneration in terms of Section 34(a) of the Act.

With this in mind, please ensure that all the directors of your company, or all members of your close corporation, are registered as “Principal Estate Agents”.

2016/2017 EAAB Fees Schedule

Following, please find the EAAB 2016/2017 Schedule of Fees as gazetted by the Department of Human Settlements on 19 February, 2016.

schedule of fees 2016-2017

To avoid any confusion, please take note that the new fees schedule, as attached, are INCLUSIVE OF VAT.

The uploading of non-verifiable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points to the EAAB database

We have received numerous queries over the past few weeks pertaining to uploading non-verifiable CPD points.  Please read the following correspondence from the EAAB which contains a step by step guide on how to upload these points.

Uploading Non-Verifiable CPD Points

Attendance at Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Contact Sessions

Following, please find a notice issued by the EAAB in respect of the CPD contact sessions.

Attendance at CPD Contact Sessions


REBOSA will hold its 3rd AGM on Friday 24 June, 2016 at the Southern Sun Hotel, OR Tambo International Airport, Kempton Park, Johannesburg from 10h00 to 13h00.

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