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Dear Colleagues


The end of the year is most certainly upon us and just as the REBOSA team were looking forward to winding down and taking a well-deserved break after an extremely busy year, we were faced with the notification that went out from the EAAB on the Continuing Personal Development (CPD) programme.  I was inundated with emails from unhappy members and have spent the last week trying to unpack the concerns.  I subsequently had a meeting with the CEO of the EAAB and urge you to read further on the outcome.

This being said, the end of the year is a good time to look back, reflecting on achievements, and to look forward, to see what we still need to accomplish. Our Members continue to support us and frequently express confidence in what Rebosa stands for.  With the threat of new legislation looming, there has never been a greater need for industry leadership and partnership.  As so much of our work this year has shown, we work best when we work together.

We can look ahead into the New Year with confidence.  We know that there are vast problems ahead e.g. the Property Practitioners Bill, Property Charter; and the certainty of unexpected industry challenges.  But we also know that we have the right resources to meet those challenges.

Rebosa has made great strides over the past year that could not have been done  without the unwavering support of the Board of Directors and more importantly the Members.  I want to thank you all.  I really appreciate the essential role you play, without which, REBOSA would not be in the resolute position it is.

I don’t usually draw attention to the work of individual staff as we work as a collective, but I would like to thank Fiona Chaitowitz for her tireless efforts in assisting you with all the problems and queries you experience at the Board.  She has made enormous inroads in decreasing the Boards backlog in issuing you with your FFC’s.  The many letters and compliments I receive on an almost daily basis has proved to me that having a permanent desk  in Johannesburg was a spot-on decision and can be added to our list of accomplishments.

My best wishes to you and your families for a safe, happy holiday season and a very prosperous New Year.

Kind regards



For once there is some good news to be shared.  After recent discussions with Mr Bryan Chaplog, CEO of the EAAB, he has made a decision to email FFC’s in future.  This of course will address huge logistical problems, delays and such like but will also save a sizeable amount of money.  It is therefore crucial to ensure that the EAAB has your correct email address going forward.  Certificates will still be posted to estate agents who do not have email addresses.


Continuing Professional Development is to be encouraged. Agents should continually update their skills and knowledge in order to remain professionally competent and achieve their true potential.  CPD is applicable to most, if not all professions.

CPD is not the problem.  How, when, about what, by whom and at what cost, is.

The EAAB has recently published some information in respect of CPD.  This information is attached to this report for your perusal. In short:

In short:

  1. The first 3 year rolling CPD cycle will commence on 1 January 2015
  2. All registered estate agents must obtain 15 verifiable CPD points per year (45 points during the 3 year cycle) and 5 non-verifiable points during the 3 year cycle.
  3. The EAAB will present these courses.
  4.  Non-principals must pay R2 000 and principals R2 500 per annum upfront before 28 February of each year.

Unfortunately a lot of information is not available, amongst other things the dates and venues of these courses and more importantly the content.

I recently had a meeting with Bryan Chaplog, the CEO of the EAAB concerning this issue.  Many points were raised during the meeting and I have followed same up with a letter to him, a copy of which I also attach hereto for your perusal.

Further issues were raised about the technical challenges in issuing the proposed ‘swipe cards’, etc.  Mr Chaplog explained that registration and payment will take place electronically and that cards will be available at the venue where the first training session will be held.  He guarantees that this will work and that no logistical problems are anticipated.

I have seen many emails from both members and non-members complaining about this programme and implying that it is illegal, unenforceable, etc.  The EAAB is the professional body of our industry appointed by the South African Qualifications Authority and as such has extensive powers.  Included herewith for your perusal is the criteria for being  recognised as a professional body that you can also find on the SAQA webpage.  You will note that the EAAB may well be acting within the guidelines in respect of this process.  I have also discussed the issue with professionals in this field who agree with this observation.

Please however read the letter that I addressed to Mr Chaplog in this regard that addresses a number of problem areas.

I am as unhappy as most are with this development.   We unfortunately only have ourselves to blame.  As an industry, we did not act timeously and efficiently.  This event is probably one of the best reasons why a body like REBOSA is absolutely necessary and of utmost importance.

Becoming registered as the professional body for the industry is on the REBOSA agenda but could not be addressed in the past year due to many circumstances.  This will have to change.

I do hope that the letter to Mr Chaplog will have a positive effect and we will keep you posted on the outcome.





Act No. 35 of 2014: The Rental Housing Amendment Act, 2014 was promulgated by the Presidency and is attached for your perusal.



In response to a request from one of our members, we contacted the EAAB a few months ago. The result was Professional Indemnity Cover for Estate Agents.  This appears to have been in place all along but forgotten by most.

The Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) has arranged professional indemnity cover for all registered estate agents, brokered through Aon South Africa, insurance brokerage and risk advisors. The cover is based on an ‘each and every’ claim basis and responds to the legal liability of all registered agents in the course and scope of their business as a result of an error, negligence and/or omissions.

Attached is an article from Aon which covers all you need to know about the cover.

Aon – Public Indemnity Cover


REBOSA has achieved many milestones over the past year.  We held our first  AGM and appointed a new board of directors.  Our membership base continues to grow on a daily basis.  We have fostered strategic relationships with all our Stakeholders including the EAAB, Dept of Human Settlements, SSETA and the Property Charter.  In November REBOSA were officially welcomed as a new global alliance partner of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and we hosted their President’s Liaison to South Africa in Cape Town.

Through our Parliamentary Liaison – Jeremy Marillier we have been covering Parliamentary Portfolio Committees on a daily basis and have a visible presence in Parliament.  Over the past months we have successfully interacted, lobbied and advocated our sector issues and policy perspectives on legislation to keep you well informed on the Bills and Acts that affect us.

We embarked on a series of successful Q&A sessions around the Western Cape and will kick start the New Year by hosting these sessions in KwaZulu Natal.

We think you would agree that one of our greatest achievements was successfully assisting you with your EAAB queries and getting your FFC’s issued by having Fiona as our permanent consultant working in the offices of the EAAB.


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